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Chole Bhature- The Popular Food Duo

Happy Vaisakhi my friends! Vaisakhi has long been celebrated throughout Punjab as the Sikh New Year and spring harvest festival. This day also has religious significance, as it marks the anniversary of the establishment of Khalsa Panth (the community of baptized Sikhs). Sikhs around the world have brought the tradition of celebrating this auspicious day with Nagar Kirtan, more commonly referred to as a parade, to various cities. Vancouver and Surrey BC, host one of the largest parades in the world each year. Generally every region in India celebrates new year with different names at the time of harvesting of crops. For Sikhs it is tomorrow. But since the community celebration is not happening in Vancouver until the 16th of April I wanted to cook something that has a Vaisakhi feel to it, so today I’m sharing a much loved Punjabi meal called chole bhature. If you’re a food lover, (and who isn’t, really?) go and try this meal (if you haven't yet) I bet you'll be hooked for life. Continue Reading