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Phirni (Rose Scented Rice pudding)

Vaisakhi is this Thursday, a day that marks the start of the Sikh new year and commemorates 1699, the year Sikhism was born as a collective faith. It is also a day of thanksgiving to the mother earth for good harvest. To celebrate, Sikhs all over the world take part in a religious procession called “Nagar Kirtan. In Vancouver and Surrey, the procession is held during weekends, as there is no public holiday for this day and weekend is the only time to celebrate here. As they say, a celebration is never complete without a touch of sweetness. I bring you a rice pudding. In India we make two variations of rice puddings. One is called Kheer which is heavy and creamy, and the other one is called Phirni which is lighter and smoother in texture. Since I already posted the "kheer" recipe, I decided to share the traditional "Rose scented Phirni" recipe. Continue Reading