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Besan Ki Sabji

Besan is one of the versatile flour I know of. Its been a staple in my kitchen and I relish it in one form or another. It can be mixed into the flours for flat bread and pizza crust, used like eggs to make cheelas, as a binder for koftas, batter for deep frying, thickener for curries, base for exotic sweets, crunchy drops for flavored yogurt and many more. Continue Reading

Turmeric Panjiri

Turmeric is not just the spice used in Indian cooking, it is also a powerful home remedy for sore throat, cough, cuts, skin problems and many such ailments. By adding this wonderful spice to your daily diet you can get all the preventive and curative characteristics of turmeric that helps deal with internal and external infections. Here's a simple recipe of turmeric panjiri to eat as a snack. Continue Reading

Punjabi Kadhi

The word "Kadhi" should not be confused with 'curry' which means a gravy of onions and tomatoes. They are entirely different dishes with different flavors. Kadhi is a slow cooking of yogurt or buttermilk thickened with besan (chana daal flour) which is later tempered with spices cooked in mustard oil. There are numerous versions of making kadhi and each family has their own preferences and cooking style. In Punjab, where I hail from kadhi is always made with pakodas ( fritters). And those, who have tried punjabi kadhi, agree with me that it taste most amazing and they yearn for more. It is one of the few dishes besides rajmah chawal that I grew up eating mostly for lunch. Served piping hot with steamed rice, papad, pickle and cucumber salad I could not think of more satisfying summertime meal. Continue Reading

Celebrating Vaisakhi and Besan Burfi / Roasted gram flour fudge

Just as Easter is a Spring Holiday with both secular and religious overtones, Vaisakhi is the same for Sikhs. Although these festivals originated in different countries they both are spring festivities celebrating emergence of new life. Vaisakhi commemorates the Sikh way of life and Khalsa code of Conduct.          Wearing turban is a custom in Sikh religion. Modern Sikhs take liberty by not wearing but it is mandatory for baptized Sikhs. Please do not confuse these ... Continue Reading


I eat yogurt pretty much everyday and drink milk as well. It has just become a part of my daily diet. I didn't know its health benefits years ago other than that it is good for digestion besides having vitamins and calcium. Now I read everywhere that yogurt has become a top health food. Studies show that it can control high blood pressure. People,who are on weight loss program can control their appetite by eating 2 to 3 servings of yogurt a day. The live bacteria in the yogurt is proving ... Continue Reading