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Honey Sweetened Golden Plum Chutney

While we love eating plums fresh, nothing beats an old fashioned plum crumble, or a pudding, jam or chutney to savor in the cold months. No one eats jam in this household as it is too sweet so chutney is my favorite way to save the harvest. We love a good chutney. It is basically the savory, sweet and sour version of jam and the EASIEST thing you can make at home. A chutney goes really well as a spread for crackers or as a side with rice dishes or parathas. It can also be used for a PBJ sandwiches and over cold meat or cheese. Continue Reading

Make your own Mango Chutney

Google+ is one of the social media platforms where you get to see and learn something unique every single day. And sometimes an idea or recipe you see is so simple and works for you that you wonder why you didn't think of it. I came across one such post by Azlin where she used a mix of mango chutney and mayonnaise for canape topping. I happened to have mango chutney at home, so I tried out her recipe and also a really simple dipping sauce by adding water, and it was deeeeelicous! I wanted to share this idea and the recipe of mango chutney with you all. Continue Reading

Soyawadi Shikampuri Kebab

Kebab is usually used as a term to describe non vegetarian pattie but we do have few vegetarian kebabs in India that are equally popular with the people. I have for you shikampuri kebab made with soya nuggets and split chickpeas, which is great for appetizer when hosting guests over. These are soft, succulent and quite delicious. Continue Reading

Five Spice Tomato Chutney

Chutney as you all know is a condiment of Indian origin but its concept has spread worldwide. It can be made from virtually any vegetable or fruit to which spices and seasonings are added. It can be sweet, spicy or sour or have a combination of all three. These taste components make a chutney so delicious that it can practically be eaten with anything from curries to sandwiches and crackers. My recipe today pairs fresh tomatoes and dried fruits with the Bengali five spice blend that tastes simply sublime with cheese or any crusty bread. Continue Reading

Rack Of Lamb With Chutney Marinade And Sherried Green Beans

As a wife and mother I know the importance of family, so I like to make meals extra special on weekends especially Friday nights, when we are together as a family. Nava's yogurt lamb curry reminded me that I haven't cooked lamb from a while and I thought before my husband ask me I should surprise him with a lamb dish. I went little over the top and made the rack of lamb with chutney marinade along with sherried beans. The whole meal sound like it would take a long time to cook but in fact it ... Continue Reading