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SriLankan Style Fish Curry

I gave a well-deserved rest to lentils and vegetables for one day and cooked fish on father's day. My daughter has planned to go for hike with her dad and me but rain messed up all her plans. So, we chilled out at home instead. For lunch I made Sri lankan style fish curry. I don't make fish curries all that often because I am not good at that. However, when I think of special meals for my husband I often think around fish or lamb because these are his choicest foods. I could have baked the fish which I love to do but sometimes I get in the mood for something different and lately I've been wanting to make fish curry for quite some time. This turned out a fantastic dish, spicy and delicious. Continue Reading

Chicken Kofta Curry ( Chicken Meat Balls in a Yummy “No Cream” Sauce)

This is one of those recipes I have been meaning to make since Azlin Bloor announced the 'love my balls' event in the foodies community, but I just didn't get a chance to go to the meat shop. Finally I got some minced chicken this Sunday and made it before the event ended in march. This is a simple but tasty meatballs dish that's surprisingly easy to make for weeknights, and exotic enough for a dinner party. This is also a great substitution for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to fried meat balls. They are poached in a "No cream", and "No nut" sauce. Continue Reading

Cabbage Kofta Curry

Here, I am with another vegetarian recipe. While growing up, we had koftas all the time. It was a treat for us. Koftas are delicious, deep fried meat or veggie dumplings. What I like the best about koftas is that they can be made out of anything, as long as you are able to bind the ingredients together into a ball. The most common vegetarian varieties of Koftas made are Lauki (ash gourd), cabbage, mixed vegetable and malai (cheese and potato) kofta. I made these koftas out of cabbage. In Indian household, koftas are mostly served in a curry. Continue Reading

My Mom’s Boiled Egg Curry

Almost everyone has a favorite food cooked by their moms. I do too, and I have to say, quite a few, my mom was a wonderful cook, and I find myself longing for her specialties every now and then. One very particular dish of hers that I grew up loving was this humble boiled egg curry. Now I make it for my family and they love it as me if not more. It’s a very special curry you see. Not because of some secret ingredient but because my mother never cooked meat, so egg curry was a weekend staple in our house all year round. So, my dear friends, this curry brings back warm memories of my mother. A recipe I hold dear to my heart that I wanted to share with all of you today on my mom's 12th death anniversary, which was yesterday. Continue Reading

Dahi Methi Murg

Methi also called fenugreek is generally a winter vegetable in India. Here, in BC it is more readily available from spring to summer than in winter. I freeze most of it to be used in winter for chapattis and to flavor curries. Like cilantro, methi (fenugreek) is a plant whose seeds and leaves (fresh and dried) appear in variety of curries, marinades, vegetable and meat dishes as I did today in Dahi Methi Murg. It is an easy to put together dish and favorite of most indians who loves the ... Continue Reading