Mango Mascarpone Cheesecake with a hint of Cardamom

Mango mascarpone cheese cake

I know it’s been a while guys. With different priorities in my life I am not posting on a regular basis but will definitely try whenever I can.

Have I told you that mango is my favorite fruit? I guess I have. It is just not possible for me not to post a recipe when it is a mango season. So here comes a mango recipe that your whole family will love.

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Cream of Lambsquarter Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Cream of Lambsquarter soup with toamto and pumpkin seed sandwich

Hi, I am still occupied with too many things but I thought to squeeze in a quick post.

We are a family of soup lovers and today’s recipe features a gorgeous green soup made with a wild edible weed. I know that it’s April, and that it’s springtime but spring is not really a spring in Richmond (BC). You will get a week or so of nice weather and then it is rain again. When I spotted lambsquarter in an indian market today, I grabbed a bunch to make a bowl of belly warming soup. Bathu as we call this green in punjabi and bathua in hindi, is only in season for a brief period in the spring and early summer. So get it quickly and get cooking.

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Rodrigo Style Fish with Braised Carrots and Citrus Cilantro Sauce

Rodrigo style fish with braised carrots and citrus cilantro sauce

Hi Friends,

I’m sure you may have noticed a lack of new posts on my blog. I have some important things that need my full attention at the moment. So blogging has kind of taken a back seat and will stay there for a while. Fortunately, I had my camera handy when I made Pescado Rodrigo for our Sunday lunch. Pescado rodrigo is a classic Mexican recipe made with tilapia. The fish is seared until crispy, then flaked and served with a citrus cilantro sauce on a corn tortilla. We wanted to eat it as a full fillet. Thus, I made quinoa and braised carrots to serve alongside.

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Spiced Parsnip Cake with Citrus Cream Cheese Frosting

Spiced Parsnip Cake with Citrusy cream cheese frosting

I am a big fan of carrot cake with a cream cheese icing on top. And every year, I bake it once around the end of winter. This year I thought I change things around and bake parsnip cake instead. They are cousins to each other, after all, so it makes sense to swap them out for each other in recipes. The cake is tender, springy, soft and warmly spiced. What make it really tasty is the citrusy and spiced cream cheese frosting. It really makes the cake stand out.

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Baghare Baingan / Tempered Eggplant, hyderabadi style

baghare baingan

In honor of National Heart awareness month I am sharing a heart healthy recipe today which your family will enjoy and your heart will love. When I say heart healthy, the ingredients you use, the way you cook and the portion size make a big difference. Baghare baingan or tempered eggplants is a classic dish from the city of Hyderabad that contains healthful nutrients from seeds and nuts. It is made with baby eggplants and is cooked twice, first shallow fried and then later cooked in fragrant and delicious gravy. I didn’t fry the eggplants prior as recommended but simmered them directly in the gravy, creating a healthier version of the traditional dish.

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