Toum, The Middle Eastern Garlic Sauce

Toum is a middle eastern condiment made with garlic, lemon juice, and oil. It can be served as a dip or spread with chicken, seafood, veggies or whisked into so many different things like pasta, steamed vegetables, salad dressings, soup etc. Continue Reading

Punjabi Sookhi Urad Daal

Unlike other lentil preparations which usually have a soup-like consistency, today's lentil recipe is dry and a very common dish in Punjabi homes. Not only is it incredibly delicious and nutritious but it is super easy to make! This recipe uses dhuli urad. It is the white version of skinless and split black lentils or sabut (whole) Urad. This recipe makes a perfect side dish with any gravy, salad, and chapatti. Continue Reading

Cabbage and Sprouted Mung Bean Fritters

While you may think of cabbage and mung sprouts as the salad ingredients they also make an awesome low-calorie and nutrient dense fritter base. The best part is they are “not fried”. Of course, deep fried fritters might be tempting, but these fritters taste just as good. Not only are these a great afternoon snack but can be a pretty satisfying breakfast with some fruits and boiled egg or avocado for the vegetarian or vegan option. Continue Reading

Creamy Cool Mint Yogurt Dip

Yogurt is one food which is relished 'sweet or salty' by many of us. It is very nutritious and is the best natural probiotic. In Indian households yogurt is often served plain or as raita to team with curries and stir-fries. Apart from the usual, there are several other interesting ways to eat this dairy wonder, Like this Mint yogurt dip. I love serving this dip with a fresh platter of crudités or fritters but you can dip pita, crackers or whatever your heart desires. Continue Reading

Thai Inspired Healthy Brownies (Gluten free, Paleo, Nut free, Refined sugar fee)

Thai herbs are the unusual chocolate pairings in these gluten free and paleo brownies that I’m really excited to share with you. They are light with a deep chocolate flavor and not overly sweet. The addition of thai herbs might be a surprising addition but in no way does it overwhelm you. I bet you've never had a brownie like this before! Continue Reading