Rose Syrup

Rose syrup

This my dear friends is an exotic and fragrant syrup that I enjoyed since my childhood days. It is highly versatile. You’ll find its use as a flavoring in many traditional Indian, Persian and middle eastern cooking much the way Westerners use vanilla. You can drizzle over crepes, kulfi (indian ice-cream) or add it to milk and desserts or use it in baking or in cocktails for a subtle rose flavoring. If you have never tried your hand at homemade rose syrup , you won’t believe how easy it is to make. I made a small batch in end of June when my rose bushes were in full bloom.

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Coconut Quinoa Breakfast Salad – 4th Blogiversary

Coconut quinoa breakfast salad

Hi everyone, simpleglutenfreekitchen will be 4 years old next week. Time has truly flown. While I’m not posting and visiting blogs as frequently this year as I used to, I am still grateful to every single person who have visited and supported this blog for the past 4 years. Whether it’s just one post that you have read or followed me from the start, I want you to know that I truly appreciate that you’ve stopped by. THANK YOU! I’m very excited for the fifth year ahead and hope that you continue to share this journey with me. To celebrate, I have this wonderful tasting Quinoa breakfast salad. It’s elegant, refreshing, nutrient rich and a perfect summer fare.

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Jhatpat Masala Noodles

Instant Masala Noodles

I am sure every kid grew up on some kind of instant noodles. In India Maggi noodles was the crave food as Ramen is in the west. I must say I fell in love with it when they were first launched with an indian twist in the early 80′s. It was not the healthiest food but was cheap, quick, simple to make and tasted good. It still is the same. My daughter loves it and make it whenever she isn’t in a mood to eat a full meal. The secret to this classic 2 minute Maggi Noodles is its Taste-maker, that’s what makes it so addictive. I haven’t eaten Maggi noodles after going gluten free however I started making my own taste maker powders to satisfy my once in a while craving. The recipe has great flavor and no unhealthy ingredients that can have negative effect on your body.

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Mango Mascarpone Cheesecake with a hint of Cardamom

Mango mascarpone cheese cake

I know it’s been a while guys. With different priorities in my life I am not posting on a regular basis but will definitely try whenever I can.

Have I told you that mango is my favorite fruit? I guess I have. It is just not possible for me not to post a recipe when it is a mango season. So here comes a mango recipe that your whole family will love.

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