Eggless Sorghum Crepes with Stir-fried Banana Blossom

Eggless sorghum crepe with a filling of banan blossomepe with filling of your choice

Crepes are popular not only in France but elsewhere in the world where they go by other names and adaptations. India has dosas and cheelas, Russia has blini and Italy has crespelle. Generally, French crepe batter is made from all-purpose flour, eggs, milk, and butter, but I took the liberty to skip all of them and used whole grain gluten free flour and coconut milk instead. This is the perfect egg free, gluten free, dairy free, soy and corn free recipe for a savory and sweet filling.

Desi drink – Kachhe Aam ka Panna

Desi drink - Kacche Aam ka Panna

I was thinking of my childhood summer memories the other day and just felt like I wanted to bring some of it back with the flavors of my childhood! So, I introduce you to this ‘desi’ Indian drink called Kache Aam ka panna! It literally translates to raw mango drink. Summers in India are very hot with temperatures touching up to 50 degrees celsious. One needs numerous glasses of not just water but also refreshing and energizing coolers to help beat the sweltering heat. Aam panna is one such drink that is known to have tremendous cooling properties, in addition to aiding digestion and being full of vitamin-c.

Pesto Pasta with Fresh Garbanzo Beans

pesto pasta with fresh garbanzo beans

Summer calls for simple, easy and fresh meals. The kind that is big on taste, but requires little effort to prepare. If you love to eat pasta salads in summer, which I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t, then this is the recipe you will make frequently! This pesto pasta with fresh garbanzo beans is light, satisfying, flavorful and a breeze to make. It’s great for lunch or dinner, to take to potlucks, picnics or barbecues.

No Sugar Mixed Berry Compote

Berry Compote 2

A compote is a mixture of stewed fruit (whole or cut into pieces) in syrup. Originally eaten as a dessert, a compote makes a delicious start to the day either eaten alone or as the perfect pairing for porridge, pancakes, waffles or yogurt. It comes together in 15 minutes and can be made with any fruit. There are a lot of different ways to make fruit compote. Some recipes I’ve come across say to add cornstarch, lemon juice , spices and a lot of sugar. Since my family and many of you are trying to eat a bit leaner, healthier and cutting down on foods with added sugar, I keep my compote simple and completely refined sugar and artificial sweetener free.

Shami Kebab

Shami Kebab

Shami kebabs are the very popular variety of kebabs in Indian cuisine and also in other South Asian countries. These kebabs involve slow cooking the boneless meat with lentils then blended to form a smooth dough. The mixture is then shaped into discs and shallow fried until crispy on the outside and soft on inside. They are highly addictive and a perfect snack when entertaining guests or have for dinner with salad. They are also perfect in the lunchbox and are very filling and healthy.