Sprouted Red Lentil, Quinoa Nourish Bowl

Sunshine and warmer days have returned which means less time in the kitchen and more time outside having fun with family and friends. Though I love spending time in the kitchen, I also don't want to miss out on the sun and fun by staying indoors or spend money eating out. The only way to do this is to have simpler meals that come together fast. This Sprouted red lentil, quinoa nourish bowl meets all the requirements for a simple healthy meal. It has got protein powered lentil, whole grain, lemony kale, crunchy raw vegetables, and a herby mint chutney. It is bright, satisfying, incredibly nourishing, and super easy to make. Continue Reading

Besan Dhokla/ Steamed Savory Gram flour Cake

This incredibly tasty savory snack is light, healthy and hit the spot. It is just as good at lunchtime if you can add a salad on side or for breakfast, alongside a cup of tea and fruit. It is a steamed savory cake, called Besan Dhokla in Hindi. When I was a kid, this was one of the frequented item in our house at any given event. Soft, & delicious, mildly tangy and sweet accompanied by the light crunch of mustard and sesame, garnished with the herby cilantro! It's been etched in my mind. Continue Reading

Minty Fruit Salad

Now, that spring is in full swing I welcome the warm weather with this beautiful fruit salad. It is so simple to prepare that I didn't even intend for this to become a blog recipe, but it's so delicious that I knew I had to share it with you guys! This is no ordinary fruit salad. It goes from simple to sublime when tossed with mint, lemon and fresh grape dressing. When you put a spoonful into your mouth, you can taste a combination of different flavors. This makes the salad feel fancy enough to serve to guests for a potluck, picnic, or party. I actually took this fruit salad to a picnic last week and people loved it. Continue Reading

Desi Ghee-Making your own Liquid Gold at Home

Pure Ghee is an integral part of South Asian Household. Being from a Punjabi family, every dish my mother cooked was tempered or garnished with ghee. Be it a tadka on dal or a spoonful on hot simmering khichdi or a dash of it on chapattis. It was delicious – on, or in, anything, any time! My mother never bought store bought desi ghee and have always prepared fresh at home, with the butter she churned out of milk cream or yogurt. I’ve adopted the same approach in my kitchen and make fresh desi ghee. Even though, I don't use ghee liberally as my mother used in her cooking, I do prefer the home-made kind over any store bought brand. Continue Reading

Coconut Pandan Black Sticky Rice with Mangoes

My daughter came over yesterday and said, "Mom you haven't made anything with mangoes this season". "We'll change that tomorrow", I said. There's no end to the goodness in my kitchen when I bring home mangoes. I am seriously addicted. I eat one mango everyday (that's what makes me gain weight in summer). I love manila mangoes very much. Even their smell is superb! The flesh is super sweet and has almost zero fiber. To me this readily available fruit is as close as I can get to mango heaven. I knew exactly how I was going to use these in a recipe. We went to a Thai restaurant for my daughter's birthday and since then the black sticky rice pudding was on my mind. Often served with mango, this is a totally exotic dessert that is so easy to make. I love the creaminess of the pudding, and the color contrast between the black sticky rice with the white coconut cream and golden yellow of the mango. Continue Reading