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Your Very Own Gluten Free Panettone

So here we are in 2014! First, I am very excited to start off the new year with a recipe that I was busy trying in my kitchen. Second, inspired by a reader's request I have added a new page on my blog to request a gluten free recipe. If you are craving a dish that you don't know how to make it gluten free, I can help to cook up and post it for you. Continue Reading

Almond Fennel Biscotti / Cake Rusk

When it is pouring heavily all that your heart desires is a hot cup of masala chai or coffee. And, because I believe coffee and tea are meant to be enjoyed with a snack, there's nothing better than having a biscotti. It is my best all time favorite snack since childhood. My recipe of almond fennel seed biscotti is a mix of Indian cake rusk and American style biscotti. Continue Reading

Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Last week I noticed that all of Anne' blog post photos had disappeared. Seeing this reminded me of my own plight six months ago. So, before I talk about today's recipe, which is a wonderful Oatmeal cinnamon raisin bread for your breakfast and snack I want to share my reason of moving to my own domain. Continue Reading

Tandoori Roti

There are so many different types of flat breads / rotis eaten across India. The flours and the cooking technique used to create these rotis make them different from one another. Tandoori roti is the one that my family always order in the restaurant over naan. Continue Reading

Glutenfree White Flour chapati/ Roti/ Phulka

Chapatis are consumed everyday in Indian household. They are a kind of plain, griddle cooked flat bread, easy to make, tasty and healthy. In punjabi they are called rotis or phulkas. This is known in other parts of the world as the Indian unleavened bread because it doesn't use any leavening agents such as baking soda, baking powder or yeast. Usually, chapatis are made from wheat flour but if you have a gluten allergy or celiac disease then this gluten free white chapati flour works the best ... Continue Reading