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Ghormeh Sabzi (Persian Herb Stew)

Ghormeh sabzi is a Persian stew made with chunks of lamb, kidney beans, and herbs with a zing of dried Persian limes, turmeric, and pepper. It is deliciously savory and very comforting! I cook it low and slow, and it fills the house with a yummy aroma. Continue Reading

Quinoa Salad with Beans, Roasted Corn and Vegetables

Now that summer is winding down and fall is just around the corner. I realized I haven't done eating and cooking all that summer has to offer. After few showers this week, when the weekend turned out nice and warm, I decided to get outside and do some roasting. Continue Reading

Lobhia / Black Eyed Peas Stew

Dinner is the time when through food you can create a lot of comfort and cold weather calls for warm comfort food. I particularly like lentil and bean stews. They are easy plantbased protein packed with hearty flavor. This yummy recipe is made with black eyed peas. Like most stew recipes, this lobhia stew gets better with time, so make it a day ahead.   Black eyed peas get their name from their characteristic appearance. They are white beans with a small black eye. The nutrition of ... Continue Reading

Rack Of Lamb With Chutney Marinade And Sherried Green Beans

As a wife and mother I know the importance of family, so I like to make meals extra special on weekends especially Friday nights, when we are together as a family. Nava's yogurt lamb curry reminded me that I haven't cooked lamb from a while and I thought before my husband ask me I should surprise him with a lamb dish. I went little over the top and made the rack of lamb with chutney marinade along with sherried beans. The whole meal sound like it would take a long time to cook but in fact it ... Continue Reading

Vegetarian Sushi Salad

Sometime back I read Trevor Corson’s book ‘The story of sushi: An unlikely saga of raw Fish and Rice” It reveals everything from the history and culture behind this healthy food source from Japan and its journey to the western world and the struggle of students to perfect the art of Sushi. There was so much information interwoven in the book that I felt as though I should reread the paragraphs or take some notes. I did not know that sushi originally come from China, not Japan or it ... Continue Reading