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Flourless Chocolate Orange and Ginger Cake

If like me, you crave bright and fresh flavors in dark winter days, then this cake will give you every reason to smile and lift your mood! Citrus fruits are a great source of mood-elevating vitamin C. Plus, chocolate is a definite cure for cold weather and gray skies. So, I thought to make this orange chocolate cake. To tell the truth I have made this cake a few times, and every time I did it a little different. For a warming twist, I decided to add in some ginger this time. It tasted amazing and exotic! Continue Reading

Flourless Chocolate cake and 5th Blogiversary!

It seems hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for five years now. July 18th marks the 5th blogiversary of my little blog. It is also my husband’s birthday. My blog was officially launched on the 12th but to not forget my blogiversary, I changed the publish date of my first post to his birthday. So to mark this double whammy of a celebration, I made this chocolate cake. I still remember the day I published my first post as if it was just yesterday. Back then, I had no idea about the existence of this wonderful food bloggers world. Having grown up in the 70's and gone to college in the 80's…. My generation has not seen the world of emails, hangouts, social media and smart phones. So it amazes me that I am part of something that I had never originally imagined. Being a blogger is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Continue Reading

Chocolate Sparkle Cookies

Everything I love about a chocolate cookie is in this recipe. Crisp and sugary on the outside, and soft and fudgy in the center. I had these cookies for the first time a couple years ago in a Christmas cookie exchange and I have to say I immediately fell in love! I thought it would be fun to make a batch of these cookies myself. So I sent a quick message to Sally (my cookie exchange partner) if she could share her recipe with me, and within minutes she sent me the link to that recipe. It was a Thomas Haas recipe. If you always wanted to try his world famous chocolate sparkle cookies, I’m going to share the recipe with you today. Continue Reading

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake with Cape Velvet Ganache

Sometimes you get the urge to make a dessert again and again with in the span of few days even when it is extremely rich and there is no special occasion. This was one of those times. A friend brought us a liqueur gift basket and, in there was a small bottle of cape velvet. My husband told me it was a brandy based cream liqueur. I had never heard of this brand before but it was very tasty, smooth and creamy. We don't buy and keep cream liqueur in the house so the idea hit me to use it in chocolate lava cakes. A little liqueur always spices up a decadent dessert. And now, that we are all adults in the house I don't have to think twice to make alcohol based desserts. When I was about to make these cakes for the third time I realized I barely had enough liqueur for one try. So I made the Sunday evening Super bowl and Valentine special! Continue Reading

Orange Flavored Chocolate Risotto

I have never met a rice dessert that I didn't like. I had this chocolate rice pudding at a dinner party, and it was so delicious and elegant looking that I found myself craving and admiring days after. So, when I saw a chocolate risotto recipe in Christine Ingram's book I decided to make it with my own little twist by adding orange to it! Continue Reading