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Aloo Methi / Potatoes with Fenugreek Leaves (Punjabi Style)

Let me introduce you today to a simple, but a highly flavorful side dish. Aloo methi is a classic combination cooked all over North India but the cooking technique and some of the spices slightly vary from one family to another. The recipe I am sharing today is the way I grew up eating. Methi really shines in this dish and need only the basic spices you already have in your kitchen. It's homely, delicious and quite a vegetarian delight for Punjabis. Continue Reading

Methi Paneer

Fenugreek leaves, also called Kasuri Methi, is an herb/ vegetable with a bitter but an addictive taste. I find myself adding it to everything from rice, to chicken and also rotis. People often like to mix methi with spinach to mellow out the bitterness. I am sharing a recipe where methi is used as a vegetable and to which paneer is added, and so the sweetness and richness of paneer also mellows out the bitterness of methi. This is a highly fragrant winter dish that goes beautifully with almost any indian bread-chapatis, naans, rotis or parathas or with some daal and rice. Continue Reading

Cream of Lambsquarter Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Hi, I am still occupied with too many things but I thought to squeeze in a quick post. We are a family of soup lovers and today's recipe features a gorgeous green soup made with a wild edible weed. I know that it’s April, and that it’s springtime but spring is not really a spring in Richmond (BC). You will get a week or so of nice weather and then it is rain again. When I spotted lambsquarter in an indian market today, I grabbed a bunch to make a bowl of belly warming soup. Bathu as we call this green in punjabi and bathua in hindi, is only in season for a brief period in the spring and early summer. So get it quickly and get cooking. Continue Reading

2 Delcious and Healthy Seasonal Smoothies

I am sure you all agree with me that eating seasonal food is good for health. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that we get the best tasting seasonal produce at great price. When it comes to smoothies, nothing beat quality seasonal produce and I know I am not the only one who can drink smoothies during winter. In fact, keeping your body well-nourished is more important in winter months to prevent weight gain from eating comfort foods and to ward off the nasty germs that cause cold and flu. Smoothies are the nutritious way to stir things up, if you have a good blender and quality ingredients handy in the kitchen. So, today I have two smoothies for you, one is the anti-inflammatory green smoothie and the other is persimmon mandarin bliss, for those readers who can not gulp down green smoothie. Continue Reading

Kale Ginger Margarita

I love ginger, I love kale but know nothing about making alcoholic drinks. It is my husband's domain and this is his recipe. Since, many of you are preparing to host annual Christmas or New year party or planning to make healthy eating and drinking resolutions, I thought someone must be interested in a healthy cocktail. Margaritas are generally high calorie cocktail, however with a few swaps and tweaks one can still craft a healthy version. My husband says that when one can have kale in salads, smoothies, stir-fries, then why not in cocktails? Continue Reading