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Goodbye 2016

Hi friends, I am on my way to India for my niece's wedding, so it’s going to be a bit quiet around here until after the new year. We did not expect to be going but this is the first marriage in the family on my husband's side. Being an elder son and daughter in law, our presence was important in this joyous occasion. So, no recipe today. But don’t worry though, I have compiled a list of 20 posts that were most viewed on my blog in 2016. * Tricolor Cupcakes - These vanilla cupcakes with three colors are a perfect treat for any celebration. I had fun making them for my friend's daughter! *......................:) *......................:) Wish you all a very happy and fun-filled New Year and thanks for being a part of the Simpleglutenfreekitchen. See you in 2017! Continue Reading

My week long Holiday Trip to Northern Italy – Part 1

We recently returned from a fabulous holiday in Northern Italy celebrating our 25 years of marriage. It was absolutely wonderful. Every single place we visited was memorable and gorgeous. Our holiday trip included Venice, Florence, Pisa, Genova and Lake Garda. We stayed in major touristy areas but in nice, quiet hotels for convenience of gluten free food choices. This also saved us time and money on ferry trips, trains, or taxis. Continue Reading

My Trip To Las Vegas

Often referred to as Sin City, Las Vegas continues to attract people from all around the world. We went to Vegas for 4 days. It was never a vacation destination for us but my friend's family was going during spring break and my daughter wanted to go away for few days so she said, "Mom, let's go, You will get some ideas to decorate for my dry grad party". My husband who has been there for business conventions a few times also agreed. and, that's how this trip was materialized. Continue Reading

Scrambled Tofu and a weekend at Ocean springs

Over the long weekend we drove to Ocean Shores with three other families. Even though, we live in a place where beach and mountains are very close but we get the urge to explore other places and get-away from home. So ocean shores fit perfectly in our plan. It was a quiet and peaceful place and in the resort where we stayed, was pet friendly. Our room was on third (the top) floor and it had an ocean view which was great for hearing the ocean waves and looking out at the sea. I experienced ... Continue Reading

Fun Trip To Disneyland And Green Salad With Grapes

After coming home from a fun trip of Disneyland and Universal Studios I found my kitchen sink plugged up. It was totally fine before the trip. I tried clearing it with hot water, baking soda and Drano ( I know it was a bad idea) but nothing helped. Today morning my handy man DH tried plunging and snaking but that also did not work. We could not figure out what could have caused it? Just in one day I got tired of running to laundry room for washing dishes and other water need. My daughter looked ... Continue Reading