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Happy 2017 and Hearty Buckwheat Muffins

Hello friends, I hope 2017 started off well for everyone! I am finally home after an exhausting but exhilarating holiday in India. I got sick right after getting back and after a week of struggling with terrible flu and jetlag, I am now slowly getting back to normal. Since it's the first post of this year, I think it's apt to begin with a healthier one. These buckwheat muffins are delicious and substantial enough to be satisfying day-starters or a snack with a cup of coffee or tea . Continue Reading

Linzer Cookies

I love giving and getting homemade food for gifts. And this love made me participate in an online cookie swap arranged by Foodies+. The partners were randomly paired based on country or location wished by participants. There were only two entries from Canada so I was paired with Sally Weatherly of Vancouver. Since we lived on a 40-50 min drive from each other I dared to to ask Sally if she was interested in meeting in person. She thought it was an excellent suggestion and then we started materializing our plan by exchanging emails, choosing the day, time and location for the cookie exchange. It was a thrilling experience meeting someone face to face from a different background who I solely met through foodies community. Continue Reading

Sunny-Side Cupcakes

Vancouver said goodbye to winter months a little early this year and welcomed spring with open arms. In past two weeks we had the most beautiful weather and everyone felt relieved from constant rain. It almost felt like summer in spring. To celebrate such good weather, I baked these delightful cupcakes days ago but did not get a chance to write and post. This morning, when I saw dark clouds moving in the sky, I thought I should better write and publish this post while it is still sunny. Continue Reading

Eggless Crepes with Honey yogurt and fresh fruits

It feels good to know that our children are learning to eat healthy in schools. My daughter is taking foods and Nutrition class and her homework this week was to keep a food journal. She honestly wrote what she ate for the whole week and for one day she was challenged to eat as naturally (food without additives) as possible. She came with me to the supermarket for buying groceries. We had great difficulty choosing all natural foods because almost every isle was overflowing with proces... Continue Reading

Tri Colored Vanilla Cupcakes-Gluten Free

Cupcakes are one thing that I do not make very often so I had no idea, how to dress them up cute for a 4 year old. It was my good friend's daughter's birthday and we were invited for dinner with some other close friend's. I decided to surprise her by bringing some gluten free cupcakes for her daughter and other guests. Her daughter loves bright colors especially green, so I thought of making colorful cupcakes. I followed basic vanilla cupcake recipe and decorated with coloured icing and even ... Continue Reading