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Orange and Walnut Spice Cake

I enjoy eating healthy, but I love the occasional treats as well. Today I have a recipe for a traditional Greek cake full of delicious zesty orange, warm spices and toasted walnuts. This is a very moist and decadent cake for an afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Continue Reading

Chicken Kofta Curry ( Chicken Meat Balls in a Yummy “No Cream” Sauce)

This is one of those recipes I have been meaning to make since Azlin Bloor announced the 'love my balls' event in the foodies community, but I just didn't get a chance to go to the meat shop. Finally I got some minced chicken this Sunday and made it before the event ended in march. This is a simple but tasty meatballs dish that's surprisingly easy to make for weeknights, and exotic enough for a dinner party. This is also a great substitution for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to fried meat balls. They are poached in a "No cream", and "No nut" sauce. Continue Reading

Tandoori Gobhi

Tandoori, the name evokes the exotic image of bright red color chicken pieces but gobhi (cauliflower) is the alternative to tandoori chicken for Veggie lovers. I can't believe I never shared a tandoori gobhi recipe on my blog. I eat it more often than chicken. When I read a friend's post of how he enjoyed tandoori food on his vacation to India, I had an intense craving to make some. So I went ahead and whipped together the most simplest and easiest recipe: tandoori gobhi. Continue Reading

Grilled Salmon Steak

Good morning beautiful friends! Salmon is one of my favorite types of fish. Even though it is comparatively expensive to other fish I choose to cook with it more often because it tastes great when baked or grilled with select herb and spices. There are plenty of marinades you can use with salmon and it responds really well. The following recipe uses yogurt, oil, lemon chili powder and carom seeds. It is very convenient for a weeknight meal and also pretty enough to serve to guests for lunch or dinner with stir fried vegetables, and some bread or rice. Continue Reading

Mascarpone Peach Melba

As the weather begins to cool and the summer fruit disappears, I've been savoring the last final peaches from our tree. Peaches are no different from mangoes. Both come in beautifully golden red forms, sweet and juicy yellow colored flesh, and taste like summer. Most times I enjoy eating a peach out of hand, juice dripping down my chin as I bite into it. It's probably one of life's few simple pleasures. Beyond that, peaches are simply wonderful baked in cakes and cobblers. I also enjoy them grilled with a morning toast and in chutney, salsa, fruit salad and not to forget in this cool and refreshing summertime treat called Peach Melba. Continue Reading