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Paneer Oat Pancakes with Lavender Berry Compote and (blogiversary)

Hellloooo everyone! Guess what today is, it's my 6 year blogiversary… Yeah. I've been at this for a long time and I feel like I say it every year but I'm always surprised that I haven't gotten tired of it yet. No matter how busy I am, I always find time for my blog. My food blog is a space that I truly enjoy and find peace and comfort. I am not a huge blogger so I love the people who read my blog. I am forever grateful to you all! Thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart! Now let’s kick start the day with a good breakfast! Come along with me, have a seat and enjoy these oat paneer pancakes with no sugar lavender berry compote. For the recipe Continue Reading

Wadi wali Lauki/ Bottlegourd cooked with Sundried lentil cakes

Bottle gourd is highly appreciated vegetables in Indian cuisine though it is not very familiar to the western world (yet!) as an edible. It is rich in minerals and high in water therefore considered extremely light on the digestive system. It is used in stir fries, curries, with lentils, in desserts, soups and a lot more. This is a super simple and homey dish, but the flavors are tremendous. We Punjabis particularly love to add wadis in it. They add a lot of flavor and make the dish enjoyably spicy. Continue Reading

Vegan Black Bean Burger with Mango Salsa

We eat a lot of beans but I’ve often resisted making "bean burgers”. It’s not that I don’t like them, It’s just that, most bean burgers have the texture of mush which I do not find appealing at all. A while ago I tried the bean burger recipe from the Food lab of Serious Eats. It was a win at first try! The tips given in the post gave a perfect burger that was not mushy at all. My family loved it and after that I tried it with different combination and spices. These burgers have a firm crust on the outside and still moist on the inside. They don’t fall apart when cooked and don't squish out the back of the bun when you bite down. What more do you want? With the right ingredients, a little time, and the technique of dehydrating the cooked black beans, I perfected my recipe for vegan black bean burgers. Continue Reading

Rosewater Strawberry Shortcake

When you think of summer desserts what’s the first one to come to mind? For me, it's always something with fruits. Today I am sharing with you the classic strawberry shortcake delicately scented with rose water. I make this dessert only when fresh strawberries are plentiful and at their juiciest and you don't need to sweeten them up. Continue Reading

SriLankan Style Fish Curry

I gave a well-deserved rest to lentils and vegetables for one day and cooked fish on father's day. My daughter has planned to go for hike with her dad and me but rain messed up all her plans. So, we chilled out at home instead. For lunch I made Sri lankan style fish curry. I don't make fish curries all that often because I am not good at that. However, when I think of special meals for my husband I often think around fish or lamb because these are his choicest foods. I could have baked the fish which I love to do but sometimes I get in the mood for something different and lately I've been wanting to make fish curry for quite some time. This turned out a fantastic dish, spicy and delicious. Continue Reading