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Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee

Since its February and love is in the air, I am sharing a recipe that is insanely delicious and perfect for Valentine's day. It's a Creme Brulee, a timeless classic consisting of a rich custard base topped with contrasting layer of hard caramel. The custard in this dessert has the advantage of being made ahead, then right before serving the top is caramelized using a kitchen blow torch (or alternately under broiler). It’s a perfect dessert for any special occasion, especially a romantic evening at home. Happy Indulging! Continue Reading

Mango ‘Malai’ (mango fool) – a perfect treat for mango lovers

If there is one fruit that I can't wait for to come in season, then it would be mango. Now that it is end of June and mangoes are at their peak in my neck of the woods, sharing a dessert with you made sense. Mango 'malai' was one of many typical summer desserts for me and my siblings while growing up. It was quick, easy and the taste? Oh so heavenly! I picked up a few manila mangoes and decided to make this treat for my family. That first spoon took me right back to my childhood. Continue Reading

Methi Malai Choliya

Apparently, I am on a green garbanzo kick lately. First it was healthy chaat from these beans and now today's recipe. It is a unique combination of 3 ingredients: methi (fenugreek), malai (cream) and matar (peas). However the recipe below is made with frozen green garbanzo beans instead of peas. Sweet, succulent and packed with several vital nutrients both are easily interchangeable in many recipes. I love the complex flavors of this dish. The mild bitterness of fenugreek leaves is wonderfully balanced with sweet green garbanzo beans and smooth creamy gravy. Continue Reading

Homemade Cultured Butter

I simply love the taste of fresh homemade butter. It is not something that I make every day of the week but whenever I have spare cream or crave for parathas I do make butter. It only takes 2-3 minutes to make cultured butter in a food processor. Freshly made cultured butter tastes good on a toast, paratha or over steamed vegetables or indian style cooked daal/ lentil. It keeps well at room temperature for a week, 15-30 days in the fridge and few months in the freezer. Continue Reading

Orange Flavored Chocolate Risotto

I have never met a rice dessert that I didn't like. I had this chocolate rice pudding at a dinner party, and it was so delicious and elegant looking that I found myself craving and admiring days after. So, when I saw a chocolate risotto recipe in Christine Ingram's book I decided to make it with my own little twist by adding orange to it! Continue Reading