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Chole Bhature- The Popular Food Duo

Happy Vaisakhi my friends! Vaisakhi has long been celebrated throughout Punjab as the Sikh New Year and spring harvest festival. This day also has religious significance, as it marks the anniversary of the establishment of Khalsa Panth (the community of baptized Sikhs). Sikhs around the world have brought the tradition of celebrating this auspicious day with Nagar Kirtan, more commonly referred to as a parade, to various cities. Vancouver and Surrey BC, host one of the largest parades in the world each year. Generally every region in India celebrates new year with different names at the time of harvesting of crops. For Sikhs it is tomorrow. But since the community celebration is not happening in Vancouver until the 16th of April I wanted to cook something that has a Vaisakhi feel to it, so today I’m sharing a much loved Punjabi meal called chole bhature. If you’re a food lover, (and who isn’t, really?) go and try this meal (if you haven't yet) I bet you'll be hooked for life. Continue Reading

Sweet Potato spread/hummus – dairy free & vegan

The sweet potato spread/hummus came about one evening when I needed to prepare an appetizer to accommodate unexpected guests. As the weather is beginning to change and the march break is quickly approaching, it seems like a great time to share this recipe! Kids and adults will both love this spread over crackers with various vegetable topping. Continue Reading

Creamy Kala Chana Soup

It's hard to get back to blogging when you are away for a while. I was worried I would’ve lost all of my visitors and readers. But you know what? I was wrong. A few of my posts got quite a lot of views, and I also received a lot of good feedback through comments and emails. Some of you missed me, checked on me and encouraged me to come back. So, thank you for doing so. A foodie friend recreated my Kale quesadilla recipe and shared it here. This was a real morale booster for a great start of the year and to get into the routine of posting and keeping in touch with you all. Today I bring you a a healthy, creamy and chunky soup that is mild enough to be kid friendly and layered with flavors of cumin and ginger to please the adults. Continue Reading

Rodrigo Style Fish with Braised Carrots and Citrus Cilantro Sauce

Hi Friends, I'm sure you may have noticed a lack of new posts on my blog. I have some important things that need my full attention at the moment. So blogging has kind of taken a back seat and will stay there for a while. Fortunately, I had my camera handy when I made Pescado Rodrigo for our Sunday lunch. Pescado rodrigo is a classic Mexican recipe made with tilapia. The fish is seared until crispy, then flaked and served with a citrus cilantro sauce on a corn tortilla. We wanted to eat it as a full fillet. Thus, I made quinoa and braised carrots to serve alongside. Continue Reading

Spiced Parsnip Cake with Citrus Cream Cheese Frosting

I am a big fan of carrot cake with a cream cheese icing on top. And every year, I bake it once around the end of winter. This year I thought I change things around and bake parsnip cake instead. They are cousins to each other, after all, so it makes sense to swap them out for each other in recipes. The cake is tender, springy, soft and warmly spiced. What make it really tasty is the citrusy and spiced cream cheese frosting. It really makes the cake stand out. Continue Reading