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Phirni (Rose Scented Rice pudding)

Vaisakhi is this Thursday, a day that marks the start of the Sikh new year and commemorates 1699, the year Sikhism was born as a collective faith. It is also a day of thanksgiving to the mother earth for good harvest. To celebrate, Sikhs all over the world take part in a religious procession called “Nagar Kirtan. In Vancouver and Surrey, the procession is held during weekends, as there is no public holiday for this day and weekend is the only time to celebrate here. As they say, a celebration is never complete without a touch of sweetness. I bring you a rice pudding. In India we make two variations of rice puddings. One is called Kheer which is heavy and creamy, and the other one is called Phirni which is lighter and smoother in texture. Since I already posted the "kheer" recipe, I decided to share the traditional "Rose scented Phirni" recipe. Continue Reading

Orange Flavored Chocolate Risotto

I have never met a rice dessert that I didn't like. I had this chocolate rice pudding at a dinner party, and it was so delicious and elegant looking that I found myself craving and admiring days after. So, when I saw a chocolate risotto recipe in Christine Ingram's book I decided to make it with my own little twist by adding orange to it! Continue Reading

Chocolate Pudding

Custard is among one of the dessert that I remember from childhood. It is similar to english pudding, but is eggless. My mom often used to make it for weekend family dinner, get togethers or when she had unexpected guests. It was quick, convenient and always tasted good with seasonal fruits. As for me it is not only a dessert with fruits but also a base for several other desserts. Continue Reading

Mango And Rice Pudding Parfait

One of the thing that I like about spring and summer is that it brings my favorite fruit, mango. I love to eat it fresh, ripe as it is and add it in the preparation of variety of dishes. In this recipe I am using the exotic mangoes with ubiquitous kheer (rice pudding) to make a marvelous parfait which is not only delicious but also strikingly beautiful. Continue Reading

Urad Daal Pinni / sweet lentil discs

People in India indulge in high calorie and protein rich foods in winters to drive away the chill and provide warmth and energy to the body. My recipe today is one such sweet or energy snack which is very popular in Punjab. It is made from ground urad lentil, flax meal and solidify milk. I hope you will all like it as much as we do. Continue Reading